Designed pitch at Prologue Films for FX

 The Americans is an FX series that tells the story of two undercover Soviet KGB spies masquerading as a typical Washington, D.C. couple, whilst their children, neighbors, coworkers and friends are completely unsuspecting of their covert activities. By day, they pose as travel agents; but by night, they weave complicated webs between confidants, lovers, dupes, and historical figures from the Reagan-era Cold War. The startlingly realistic plot twists force the viewer to consider the real cost of an undeclared war, how much it can take to protect one’s beliefs, whether it’s worth it, and if it actually worked, for either side.

I proposed Cold War-based styleframes that reflect the spy era through shreded paper and documents. The overlay of the Russian Kremlin and the American White House creates a uniquely dangerous building of lying and spying. Through a research of the informations the shreded paper reveals the « truth » at the heart of a complex political dialogue.

Suleyman Yazki | Art Director

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