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 Designed for Raspagem Brazil

 Established in 2014 and created by Julien Fouché and Amines Ouanes, the Raspagem* company specializes in the creation of athletic apparel. The brand develops products dedicated to sensational sports, extreme sports, fighting sports. Raspagem’s philosophy is based on sport as a way of life. Through sport and through passion and development, the brand seeks to “overthrow” the way we see life to move forward, progress.

The identity has been developed through the brand’s main concept “You think it’s hard, We think it’s heart”. This heart is the symbol of a movement elegant and humble. The philosophy of the progress is represented by a typographic attack, a strong element able to beat all the negative thoughts. A sign able to motivate you to progress, to be stronger than yesterday.

 *Raspagem: Reversal.

Suleyman Yazki | Art Director

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